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Appointment Booking Service

Respected Advocate,

Legal Cell is going to start an Appointment Booking Service only for verified Advocates.


To schedule an appointment, and to get payment for your appointment.


Booking an appointment will need assistance.

We offer you virtual assistance to book your appointment.
This virtual assistance will help you to arrange a systematic service with your schedule.

You will get an option to set a schedule and to set your fees.
It will save you time and efforts.

Client can view your schedule, & will pay to get an appointment.
It will help you to get client payment, and scheduled appointments.


You need to submit a scan copy of your photo, & a documentary proof as an Advocate.

Membership fees

Membership fee is ₹ 2,500/- per year (including all taxes & GST).

Tax & Charges

18% GST Tax and 12% website service charges will be deducted from your client fees. 


Government taxes @ 18% GST and the website service charge @ 12% will be deducted from your client fees.
Balance amount will be paid to your account.
i.e. 70% of your total client fees.
Payment will be done monthly to your given account.