Adv. Roopali Waikar

Roopali Waikar & Associates working since 2004 provide litigation and non-litigation services specially working in Civil-property & money recovery cases, Criminal-white collar crimes, Labour and Industrial, consumer court and family court cases...
Adv. Roopali Waikar
Our Resolution is to Give Solution a Result oriented Legal services


B.S.L., L.L.B, L.L.M

*Adv. Roopali Waikar & Associates*

Advocates for Bombay High Court Bench at Aurangabad and District and Sessions Court Pune *

“Our Resolution is to give solutions – A result oriented legal services”*

*Our Services*: We provide legal services for following Laws:
1. Banking Laws – Dishonor of cheque
2. Motor Accident Law
3. Civil Law and Criminal Law 4. Family Law
5. Constitutional Law
*We also provide non-litigation services:* Drafting and Registration of an Agreement, Conveyancing, Online leave and License Registration services For enquiry:

*Adv. Roopali Waikar*

(B.S.L., LL.B., LL.M.)

BCMG registration No.: MAH/3472/2004

Advocate code for Bombay High Court Bench at Aurangabad: 6754

About Us

We are an Indian based Law Firm working since 2004. We provide legal services in the areas Civil, Criminal specifically in white collar crimes, property and recovery of money cases, family cases as well as labour industrial cases. We also provide non-litigation services too like conveyancing, agreements drafting and registration, deeds and documents, legal search and title opinion. We work for corporate clients like Radio Mirchi, Times group, Axle Tech India, Apex Insurance Company, Sampada Sahakari Bank Ltd.

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve an international level by providing you speedy and expeditious legal services. We have tailor-made approach to meet your needs. We have developed extensive experience and understanding consistency in providing service and continual improvement. Our Team as a leader in providing real value to those companies seeking registration and consultancy.

Our Services

We provide legal services for following Laws:
• Labour & Industrial Laws: Employee – Employer Disputes, Labour Union Disputes etc.
• Banking Laws – Dishonor of cheque (Negotiable Instrument) cases, Civil Recovery Cases before Civil Judge etc.
• Motor Accident Law
 Motor Accident Claim
 Insurance Claim
 Defense Claim
• Civil Law and Criminal Law.
 Property matters
 White Collar Crimes etc.
 Money recovery cases
• Family Law
 Domestic Violence cases
 Divorce Cases
 Child Custody
 Alimony cases
• IPR – Trademark, Copyright, Design registration.
• Registration of NGOs, Charitable Trusts and related work in the Charity Commissioner.
• Constitutional Law
 Writ Petitions for violation of Fundamental Rights.
 Appeal to the High Court & Supreme Court

Office Time

9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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